Apricot Brandy    




Cherry Brandy    




Peach Brandy    




Apple Brandy    




Asperl Brandy    

This yellow-brown fruit is a bit bigger than an apricot and must be frozen before you can eat it.


Kriecherl Brandy



A Kriecherl is a fruit of the plum family but it is yellow.


Elder Brandy    




Quince Brandy    




Brandy from Williams Christ pears    




Plum Brandy    




Yellow Muscatel Brandy    




Geiztrieb Zweigelt Brandy











Raspberry Brandy






Rose Hip Brandy    




Sloe Gin






Blackberry Brandy






Rowanberry Brandy









This wild berry is red, very small and hard. It grows on wild shrubs and it is not easy to pick.