Long ago, the lower part of the valley Traisental was shaped by the river Traisen which the Celts already called „TRAGISA“. Long periods of cold and warmth in the Ice Age moulded the terraces on both sides which you may see nowadays. Especially during the cold spells the wind brought the very fine rock powder which finally formed bit by bit the loess layer on the upper terraces and the slopes. Since these primeval times these layers of loess and the favourable microclimate are the basis for agriculture, nowadays particularly for the cultivation of high quality wines. On the whole we have at our disposal very light, sandy and fertile loess soils which may sometimes be a bit loamy - ideal conditions for our main variety which is the Grüner Veltliner.


The discovery of the vine seed in an excavation site of the early Bronze Age near Franzhausen proves that in this historically important region viniculture was already practised long time before the Romans. But the reputation of this wine-growing region does not only go back to the "seed" but is well-founded on the good work of its vintners who achieved to reach the top of the Austrian wine business. Great involvement and love of their profession made them successful: Whenever important degustations and tastings took place, the products of the Regio Tragisana members were able to achieve a front-rank placing.